Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Design and Build construction firm?

The difference between a traditional construction firm or individual contractor and a design and build firm such as ours is, simply put, the people building your project also design it. By integrating design and construction, we are better able to create a design solution that fulfills your wants, needs, and budget. The relationships we cultivate with our clients, from preliminary design through construction, ensure good communication and minimal problems.

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Q: Do you have liability insurance and workman's compensation?

Yes. We are fully bonded and insured! You will receive a copy with your name as the certificate holder at the start of your job. As general contractor, all subcontractor work is covered under our insurance.

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Q: What should I know before I remodel or add on to my home?

Make two lists: A "must-have" and a "wish" list. The first list includes things you can't live without-new air-conditioning, a granite kitchen counter, a larger shower, etc. The second list is for features you can sacrifice to save money.

Collect magazine pictures of things you like, to help describe what you want. Know your budget. Contractors are often asked to bid on designs way out of the homeowner's budget. Work with an experienced design + build contractor. Tell the contractor your budget, so they can help design a cost-effective project. A good contractor will not inflate their bid to match your budget.

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Q: I am thinking about building an addition to my house. When I interview contractors, what should I ask?

First of all, find a company that provides both design and construction. Most people don't ask enough questions when discussing a job, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Here's a list to get you started picking a design and build remodeling contractor:

Your remodeler will be a fixture of your daily life. It makes sense to make sure you feel comfortable asking this person questions and thoroughly discussing what you want and how the contractor will approach the project.

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Q: How much does the initial consultation cost?

There is no charge for the initial consultation.

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Q: May we contact your former clients?

We will be happy to provide you with a list of former clients and the type of project we have completed for them. All customers listed have agreed to let us use them as a reference and invite your call.